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Burks sales network has covered the country's key provinces and regions. Burks Chinese professional team in research and development and promotion for the needs of users China products and solutions for our products and services, has been deeply rooted in the field of construction, water areas and industrial and other applications.

Core values:
Our values are the beliefs and codes of conduct adopted by all Burks employees. These values not only determines our mutual cooperation, but also clarifies how we should act in the company on behalf of burks:
Customer first, people-oriented
We always put customer demand in the first place. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of customers with quality products and services. We can positively predict the current and future needs and problems, and to innovation take time for efficient solutions.
Sustained development, the courage to bear
We have the courage to assume their responsibilities: whether to Burks employees, in the process, our products and services, or with suppliers and partners cooperation, or to the customer and market, we are responsible for adhering to the attitude. We are actively committed to the protection of resources for future use, to ensure that our future generations can enjoy equal opportunities with us. "A better world, convenient life" is our eternal pursuit, we make unremitting efforts to this end.
Based on science and technology, innovation
We always walk in the forefront of innovation, the future will continue this position. For us, innovation means continuous improvement and innovation of processes, products and services. We have adopted a wide range of visionary ideas, will be transformed into intelligent solutions and breakthrough new products for the industry to establish a benchmark. We focus on brainstorming, in order to provide customers with a more convenient life.
Aggressive, goal oriented
We are aggressive. We have set a challenging goal for sustainability, innovation and development. We strive to establish global standards in these areas. To this end, we must fight side by side, hand in hand. Through the perfect integration of creativity, passion and experience, we will reach the other side of success.
Respect for tradition and focus on the future
Burks focus on the future, pay close attention to the development trend of the global market and the company, in order to be able to seize the initiative in the competition. In fact, many of our innovative solutions provide answers to the challenges that will arise in the coming years, such as climate change, resource scarcity, the process of globalization, and energy efficiency.