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Grand opening of the 2017 International Convention and Exhibition center. The exhibition of "the new normal, new technology and new industry" as the theme, a comprehensive display of China's pump industry and water pump technology, focus on the display of China's pump industry reform and innovation and the major achievements made in pump industry service China achievements in economic and social development.
The pump Burks was invited to participate in the exhibition. The pump Burks is a set design, development, production, sales and service in one comprehensive pump company.
The Burks pumps always adhere to the "integrity, quality, efficient and innovative" business purposes, to continuously improve the quality of products for the development of the core, the strict implementation of ISO quality management system, the measures for the administration of 5S in the production site, to ensure that the Sino US leaders said: "the Burks pump responsible for water is responsible for the future". The Burks pump long-term commitment to provide technical support for customers, ensure excellent customer service service. The pump Burks that enterprise products can be active in the fierce market competition, not only is the quality of the products, due to the more thoughtful service, the Sino US Burks pump results in return to society, return to the user. The pump Burks sincerely look forward to new and old customers to visit and negotiate, Sino US Burks pump will serve you.
The pump Burks adhere to technical is the core, and insist on the introduction of talent, expanding technical team. China hopes that the pump Burks of high technology products, can be widely used in small and medium enterprises, metallurgy, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural irrigation, geological exploration, smelting and other industries, for cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements obtained the popularization and application of social value as soon as possible.
In addition, in the exhibition site each pump products enterprise is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, and resorted to solicit public patronage and strive to exhaust all the skills, the pump show wonderful bloom and harvest more fruit. The Burks for special pump submersible pump series products in the exhibition hall, showing more and more professional enterprises, has won from the technical personnel, the enterprise responsible for the praise of men.
The show has now ended, China will re start the pump Burks range, continue to participate in diving pump products in the field of the wave of technological innovation, strive to higher and adhere to the excellent quality of products, earnestly implement the "responsible for water is responsible for the future of the mission.