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The working principle of pipeline centrifugal pump booster pump

The working principle of pipeline centrifugal pump Booster pump:

Pipeline centrifugal pumps are used to induce liquid flow or increase liquid pressure. Its work is simple. The core of the system is centrifugal pump impeller. It has a series of curved blades installed in the belt plate. The impeller is always immersed in water. When the impeller rotates, it also rotates the surrounding fluid. This will exert a centrifugal force on the water particles and the water will flow out radially. This process is illustrated in the figure.

As the rotating machinery can be transferred to the fluid, the pressure and kinetic energy of water will rise at the outlet side of the impeller. On the inhalation side, water is discharged, so the eye produces negative pressure. Such low pressure helps to re-suck fresh water into the system, and the process continues.

From the previous discussion, it is clear that the negative pressure at the impeller hole of the Booster pump helps to maintain the flow rate in the system. If there is no water at first, the negative pressure generated by the rotating air in the eyes will be small and negligible to absorb fresh water. Therefore, when the impeller of the pump rotates, it will not inhale or discharge any water content. Therefore, before starting the pump, the pump should be filled with water. This process is called bottom-up.

The impeller of the Booster pump is installed in the casing. Therefore, the outward moving water will be collected in its interior and moved to the exhaust nozzle along the same rotating direction of the impeller. As shown in the figure

From the diagram of the pump, one of the characteristics of the pump housing is obvious. Its area along the flow direction is increasing. This increased area helps to accommodate the increased flow and to reduce the flow rate at the outlet. Lower flow rate will lead to higher static pressure, which is necessary to overcome the resistance of pumping system.