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Installation instructions for mechanical seals

Installation instructions for mechanical seals

Disassembly procedure

The correct installation of mechanical seals is an important link in industrial production. Seals may need to be disassembled and reinstalled for maintenance.

There are two main types of seals used to prevent liquid leakage.

- Static Seal

- Dynamic Sealing

Static Sealing - Used when the joints to be sealed (O-rings and gaskets) are not moved.

Dynamic Seals - Use these seals when there is relative movement between the surfaces to be sealed.

Compressed packing is a more common type of dynamic seal. They are easy to install and low in initial cost, but require more maintenance. They allow large leakage and may not meet emission standards.

High quality imported mechanical seals can greatly reduce product leakage and require less maintenance. However, higher skills are needed in the installation and maintenance of mechanical seals.