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The influence of water pump flow is too large or too small on the chiller

The cold water machine may produce each kind of different kind of breakdown, the water pump can produce the flow to be too big or too small breakdown?
In fact, whether the pump flow is too large or too small, will have a certain impact on the operation of the chiller, so the flow is too large or too small is not a good thing.
Pump flow is too small for many reasons, first of all, when the pump flow is too small, the pump should be observed to identify the pump flow and head data to see if the pump is not matching. Part of the company's industrial refrigeration chiller, the quality may not be qualified, not surprising.
Secondly, if the matching specification data of the pump flow and head parameters such as water and cold water machine is so, should check the life long, the pump is worn or damaged, and the pipelines are damaged or leaking problem. Of course, there may be no use for a long time, parts of rust, oxidation, as well as the pump may be blocked inside the foreign body (water pipeline may also have foreign body blockage).
Some people think that the pump motor reverse rotation will lead to the small flow rate and engine damage, but in fact, the motor reversal at a certain speed, and will not damage the pump, motor, and small flow rate basically is not caused by the reversal, reversal of the situation, it is difficult to pump water.
Finally, the pump flow is too small, should also consider whether it is the chiller system settings.
The pump flow is too large, but may be set to run data chiller system, should also consider whether the head, flow and other parameters of cold water pump is relatively large, more than the normal scope, the problem is the problem of cold water machine manufacturers believe that, it is not, will be used in the water pump cold water machine.
Pump flow is too small and too many users are not good, simple pursuit of water flow, water flow that may make the cooling effect of water chiller, cooling capacity, in fact, the pump power assembly to allow chiller pressure becomes larger, but also may cause many other faults, or even reduce the working life of cold water machine.