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Extreme Words, Absolute Words and Failure Statements of Functional Words

The new advertising law stipulates that absolute terms and functional terms shall not appear on all pages to support the new advertising law. In order not to affect consumers, it is solemnly stated that absolute terms and functional terms on Burks website pages are invalid before this declaration. Individual website descriptions are only for descriptions and advertisements of product parameters and performance. There is no connection or relationship between the prohibited words in the law. Please let the consumers know that none of the above is the reason for compensation. Burks does not accept and will not compromise any form of extreme terms to compensate, hope consumers understand.

Legal Statement

Legal Statement: In accordance with the Advertising Law and the instructions of the business department, it is especially reminded that the title of the website product is purely for the needs of operation and technical drainage, not for the publicity of product efficacy, so do not take it out of context.