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  • The burks BKB series of non clogging submersible sewage pump sewage pump
The burks BKB series of non clogging submersible sewage pump sewage pump

The burks BKB series of non clogging submersible sewage pump sewage pump

  • Product description: Burks specializes in the production of BKB series non-blocking submersible pump sewage pump products, long continuous working time, high operational stability. With years of experience in non-blocking


5.电机采用绝缘等级F级(155°C)之干式感应电动机,外壳防护等级为 IP68。
1. The pump shell flow channel shall be equipped with anti-gas bolts to avoid the occurrence of air lock
phenomenon and to ensure the stability of the pumping drainage water pipe.
2. The cable base and the core wire are treated with special water leakage and leakage treatment. The inner
single core wire is used for stripping and encapsulation to effectively prevent water vapor from penetrating
into the motor from the cable seam or core wire, fully meeting the leakproof and moistureproof seal.
3. Cone pump casing and vortex impeller, with special non-blocking design, sludge and dirt can be
extracted with less effort.
4. The mechanical shaft seal is equipped with a reliable dual-group SIC silicon carbon steel mechanical
shaft seal and VITON fluoro rubber seal assembly to effectively enhance the use of stainless steel pumps in
slightly acidic and weakly alkaline environments to extend the service life of the pump.
5. The motor uses a dry induction motor with insulation class F (155°C) and the enclosure protection
class is IP68.
6. The full range of motor configuration temperature controller or motor protector, effectively prevent
the motor from burning when it is abnormally overloaded.
7. The whole series can be used with the equipment for automatic assembly and disassembly, and the
water pipe can be fixedly connected to the main saddle of the dismounting device through simple
installation and installation. When the pump is required to be maintained and repaired, it can be easily
lifted. The smelter lifts, detaches, and engages with the guide bar. The engineer does not need to go into
the sink for disassembly and assembly, which effectively improves the convenience and safety during