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  • The Burks BS Series Horizontal Intermediate Opening Pump
The Burks BS Series Horizontal Intermediate Opening Pump

The Burks BS Series Horizontal Intermediate Opening Pump

  • Product description: Burks specializes in the production of various BS models of pumps, high efficiency, energy saving, stable operation, widely used in water conservancy, power, mining, iron and steel, metallurgy, munici



1. 水泵两端支承间距短,泵运行稳定,振动噪声小,并可适当升速运行,使水泵适应范围更广。
2. 进出水口在同一直线上,使管线布置简单方便、美观。
3. 同一转子可反向运行,降低了水锤引起水泵损坏的风险。
4. 泵体部分可根据使用条件的变化采取立式或卧式安装,密封可采用机械密封或填料密封。
5. 水泵外型应用工业化设计,线条清晰,符合现代审美观。
6. 选(采)用科学的水力模型,使泵的效率比同类型泵高2-3%,大大降低了泵的运行成本。
7. 选用可靠轴承,零件材料可根据用户应用要求选用,使泵能适应各种现场运行条件,大大
Product application
BS type medium open pump is a high performance single stage double suction open centrifugal pump,
which is mainly used in water works, air conditioning water supply, heating network system, building
water supply, irrigation, drainage pumping station, power plant, industrial water supply system, fire
control system, ship industry, mine water supply and drainage and so on.
Performance characteristics
1. the water pump has short supporting distance between both ends, the pump is stable, the vibration and
noise are small, and the pump can be operated at a proper speed, so that the pump can adapt to a wider
2. the inlet and outlet on the same straight line make the pipeline layout simple, convenient and beautiful.
3. the same rotor can run backward, reducing the risk of water hammer causing damage to the pump.
4. the pump part can be installed vertically or horizontally according to the change of the use conditions.
The seal can be either mechanical seal or packing seal.
5. the industrial design of the pump appearance is clear and the line is in line with the modern aesthetic
6. select (adopt) scientific hydraulic model, so that the efficiency of the pump is 2-3% higher than that of
the same type pump, which greatly reduces the running cost of the pump.
7. select reliable bearings, parts materials can be selected according to the user's application requirements,
so that the pump can adapt to various field operation conditions, greatly reducing the maintenance cost.