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  • The Burks BST Series Circulating Filter Pump for Sauna Pool
The Burks BST Series Circulating Filter Pump for Sauna Pool

The Burks BST Series Circulating Filter Pump for Sauna Pool

  • Product description: Sino-foreign joint venture - Jiangsu Burks provides you with product information of various materials of swimming pool pump, including the price of Box swimming pool pump, pictures and other informati


1. 可用于各大、中、小型泳池用沙缸配套增压水循环、温泉浴池及隔渣过滤。
2. 可用于海鲜养殖池抽送海水循环隔渣过滤。
3. 可用于花园水景、假山瀑布等装饰性水池;水处理设施水循环及过滤。
4. 可用于输送不含颗粒的弱腐蚀性(弱酸、弱碱)液体, 水介质温度+5-+50度。
1., it can be used for all kinds of large, medium and small swimming pools with sand cylinders
equipped with booster water circulation, hot spring bath and filtration.
2. it can be used for filtering sea water circulating sludge in aquaculture ponds.
3. can be used for garden waterscape, rockery waterfall and other decorative pools; water treatment
facilities, water circulation and filtration.
4. it can be used to transport weakly corrosive (weak acid and weak base) liquids without particles. The
temperature of water medium is +5-+50 degrees.
Pump body high efficiency design, large flow, cover, slag basket disassembly convenient, pump flow
parts for high strength engineering plastics, using reliable mechanical seal, can run continuously
without leakage for a long time; the whole pump installation floor is high strength engineering plastics,
shock proof, anticorrosion, is the sand cylinder booster overcharge and swimming pool, seafood pool
pumping cycle septum A good partner of the slag